Zola: In support of Steigerwald

From the Lexington Minuteman:  December 29, 2011

My family and I are supporting Jessie Steigerwald’s re-election to School Committee for the town of Lexington. Jessie is a huge supporter of our schools and truly believes in doing the right thing for our kids and our town.

Having gone through the Estabrook PCB situation last year with our then fourth-grader, I found Jessie to be a voice of calm and reason, enough to make me feel like the School Committee was listening.

Anytime that I have encountered a concern with the schools, and our family has experienced all three levels of schooling in Lexington — elementary, middle and high school — Jessie has been a great ear and sounding board for our issue and has pointed us in the right direction. She has stood up proudly to support ALL kids and ALL programming, and, for that, my family is extremely grateful.

Jessie’s work with Destination Imagination becoming a town-wide offering is an example of Jessie’s passion for new programming, creativity, and opportunities for all. Participating in Destination Imagination with my kids has been an amazing experience, and without Jessie most of us would not know what DI is, let alone be able to participate.

Please support Jessie Steigerwald for another term on School Committee — our families deserve it! — Judy Zola, Preston Road

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